Social Media takes the acting world by storm, people!

Hi All,

So I had like ten minutes at work and did the following:

Tada I now have a twitter account! Booyah! Do give me a follow and I will start posting once I get some followers because if I write anything right now, I would be, well, writing to myself which is just silly really.

I also created a Facebook page but I think I did it wrong somehow so I need to check back to make sure I created a page not a profile.

Aaaaaand, last but not least, the film now has an email address: Yay!

So you know if you want to give me loads of money to make this film come true write to me on that address. I need to remember to check it but go ahead and write. Also if you are a DOP, editor, composer, producer and want to be involved – hit me up! Actors – you may also send me your info. However, I am not casting at the moment so all I will be doing is looking at your pretty pictures and then probably file them away or delete them if I am in a sour mood. But hey I like looking at pretty pictures so it is all good. J

So what else is new? My friend Jack Silver made me feel bad because he wrote like 30 pages in a day and I wrote like 2 (not in a day in all). But hey all in its own time but man how do people do this? Have a job, act, write, produce? It is exhausting to say the least! Like this week? Monday: Shakespeare OUT LOUD group (go it’s amazing), Tuesday: nothing but then the trains got delayed by like 3 hours because somebody got hit so that day was a write off, Wednesday: rehearsal for a shoot, Today: Aftershow Party AWOL Film and Casting, Friday: Filming after work, Saturday: Audition, grocery shopping, cleaning the flat, sending off some audition tapes, maybe write on my script and my book. Exhausting. No time.

Anywho, I will leave you with this link  I started reading her blog because I hate 50 Shades of Grey but feel I need to read the books to proper argue my case. Thanks to her I don’t need to read the books anymore as she is doing it for me, I know everything that happens, I get to laugh at her jokes and don’t need to suffer E.L.James’ horrible writing (seriously – did she have an editor?). So yeah check it out if you want to have a laugh.

Cheers until later!


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