The end is nigh…

As I am writing this I am in the final stretch of completing the script for my film. After dragging it behind me for months and then being surprisingly busy just after starting it (where did that come from?) I have really sat my butt down every night I could and written on the script. My poor hubby was left alone on the cold couch with games of pokemon as I wrote and wrote and wrote.

Makes me sound like I wrote the new Harry Potter. I didn’t. The TV is evil and distracts you. The script will probably ultimately be 20 pages long which is still rather long for a short film. Longer than most scripts I worked with. As I have announced via Twitter (follow me if you don’t already do so! @fracturedfilmUK) I have now officically entered the “This is all shit phase!”. I almost feel like ripping it up and starting new. But I won’t because I think most of it is actually half decent and I spend too much bloody time working on it!

I honestly did not expect to get so much glee out of maliciously painting gruesome scenes of murder and blood and gore. I bleedin’ loved it. The more the better! I included so many things I hate in my script and I laughed maniacally as I did so. I get why writers do this now. “Take this reader! Mwuahahahahahahahahaha!” I am surprised I did not end up killing everyone George R.R. Martin Style. In fact whilst talking to a friend of mine I realised no one dies in my script. Not a single one. I know this spells mighty confusing. All will be clear once the film is finished.

Overall though the film has really touched me (not that was you pervs) and is almost like a little baby to me. I brought so much of my experiences with depression and mental illness into this film that sometimes it just made me sad. I don’t know how many of you know this but my husband (probably) suffers from depression. For years he thought he was bipolar but doctors here in the UK seem more convinced it is depression but he is still to be officially diagnosed. It takes its time. As everything. He went without medication for years and after suffering a small breakdown is back on it now. It is hard. For him, for me, for his family… . It is an awful, slowly killing disease and makes you feel utterly helpless. So this film has a lot of me and my pain in it as well.

Okay enough of this depressive talk. I will aim to get some serious writing sessions in this week which should be fine as my week is pretty free (L). Therefore I think the script will be finished this week or next. Then I will send it off to some trusted industry colleagues for their opinion. I prepare to be crushed. But all criticism is good criticism and I will rise from the ashes like a phoenix! (And people who know me will know if I don’t like your opinion I will just tell you them to fuck off. J)

So next time you hear from me my script will be finished, I will have received criticism, probably changed bits around a bit and then starts the really exciting part. Getting my creative team together. I have been waiting for this for months and cannot wait to talk to my future DoP about the story board over a coffee, to my editor about the look and feel, my composer about the music,… . And then – auditioning the actors. Being mainly an actress myself being on the other side of the casting table will be so enlightening to me and give me such insight. I am getting all giddy just thinking about it!

This s me literally!!!!!


Until next time!!


P.s.: By the way I have recently read this great blog by an author called Jenny Trout. She essentially read the 50 Shades series and plucked it apart bit by bit. It is great if you are not a fan of the the series as you find out what is happening without having to suffer through E.L.James’s awful writing. If you are a fan still check it out. It might open your eyes. Or you can start fighting with Jenny over the points she makes. I know she loves a good argument and I encourage all discussion as it is healthy to represent both sides! Link is here

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